What is CSL?

Community Service Learning or “CSL” is a mutually beneficial learning program which broadens and enriches the university experience, allowing faculty and students to engage with the community.  At Lakehead University, our CSL Community Involvement with FSRNfocuses  exclusively on food security and our knowledge sharing supports community leadership in building a social environment that nurtures local food systems. 

Our vision of CSL  is interdisciplinary. We seek to integrate ideas about food security through diverse subject areas such as Biology, Forestry, English, Social Work, Outdoor Recreation, Political Studies, Psychology,  Sociology and Cultural Studies in courses such as:  Food Issues in Northern First Nations, Mapping of Agricultural Land in Northwestern Ontario, Field Studies in Sustainable Northern Agriculture, Plant Propagation Techniques, Water Security and Resource Management, Food and Writing, Northern Food Issues, Pollinator Studies and Community Soil Analysis.

Through CSL experiences, we aim to build long-lasting connections in our communities with others who are working on local and regional food issues.  To this end, we welcome discussion with faculty and community groups about the diversity of courses and opportunities available to students. 

If you are a Faculty member or Community Agency interested in getting involved in CSL, please contact Marietta Buzzie at mbuzzie@lakeheadu.ca.

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